Frequently Asked Questions

What is is automatic gold game based on batch number and time of your spend calculation from an Perfect Money transactions. Your batch number and spend time will be used to calculate your lucky number, this lucky number will determine the prize you will get.

How the lucky number calculation is performed and how much will I get from this game?

Example: After the transaction your batch number is 165593483 and your recorded spend time is 21:10:34. Then:

X =(8+3+3+4)%10 = 18%10 = 8  

Therefore your lucky number is 8 and your get 200% from your bet.

Check the table on the right for your prize.

You can check these details in your Perfect Money account history.

Lucky Number: You'll get:
0 0% of your bet
1 10% of your bet
2 110% of your bet
3 30% of your bet
4 130% of your bet
5 50% of your bet
6 150% of your bet
7 70% of your bet
8 200% of your bet
9 90% of your bet

When will pay my prize(s)?
We use 100% automatic payment system. will pay you instantly right after you have finished each game.

How many times can I play this game in a day?
As often as you want to.

Does offer an affiliates program?
Yes, of course. You can get 5% for each bet that is placed by the person you refer and we will instantly pay into your Prefect Money account. Click here for more details.

When will I be paid for this affiliates program?
We use automatic payment system, which will pay you right after your earning referral value.

Is affiliates payment processed in real-time?

How can I register myself to join this affiliates program?
You do not need to register. Just put link below in you website: and change 'U1234567' with your Perfect Money account number.

I really want to join this affiliates program, but I don’t have any website. Can still I join this affiliates program?
You can still join our affiliates program and earn money without having a website. We recommend you to register in one of the startpage program, such as After finishing their registration process and creation of your website, you will only need to enter your’s affiliates URL. Find out more about