Affiliates Program

By joining our affiliates program, you can get 5% for each bet that placed by the person you refer, and we will instantly pay into your Perfect Money account.

5% Is Too Low?
Not at all. Different from other gold game affiliate system that give you commission only in your referral’s first spend/bet or only in registration of new member, we will give you commission EVERY game that played by your referral. Your earning will be automatically paid into your Perfect Money account. This is an easy way to earn money for good!

John came to through you link and play 20 times, and he bet $2.00 for each game. Then you will get: 20 x $2.00 x 5% = $2.00
Suppose in a day there are 20 peoples like John come through your link, then in a day you will get:
20 x 20 x $2.00 x 5% = $40

It is not 'too low', isn't it?

5% affiliate commission is calculated from the amount they SPEND.

Automatically Paid Into Your Account
Our software is programmed to automatically pay into your Perfect Money account. We use real-time payment for affiliates system as in our gaming system, therefore you'll get your affiliate payout instantly.

No Registration
You do not need to register in order to join our affiliate program. Just put link below in your website:

And change 'U1234567' with your Perfect Money account number.

PLEASE DO NOT SPAM! We will not tolerate any spam. If we found that someone is spamming, we will inform that this account conducts spam.